Bugs, Spiders Keep NYC Clean by Eating Garbage

  Yes, bugs can make your skin crawl but they do have their functions. In New York City bugs consume tons of garbage tossed on the streets by New Yorkers. I bet bugs, spiders, cockroaches, etc, do they same in other places, too. Read this article, Bugs, Spiders Keep NYC Clean by Eating Garbage to learn more.

pinto beans Photos courtesy (

Seasonal Foods for Winter

Living In Season means living in harmony and balance. Eating food in season helps to accomplish that goal. I created this chart of winter seasonal foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and fish to help me eat seasonally and locally. I decided to share it with you because I couldn’t find a comprehensive chart on the…

Snowy Owl (courtesy USFWS)

Species on the move: Snowy Owl : BirdCast

This time last winter, Snowy Owls irrupted across the northern U.S., particularly the east and Midwest including Philadelphia. And biologists took the chance to outfit the birds with tracking devices. You can read about the surprising things they learned via Species on the move: Snowy Owl : BirdCast. “As of mid-November, snowy owls had been…

Flowers in Luxembourg Gardens Paris. Photo by Donna L. Long, 2014. All rights reserved.

Paris Lessons: Public Gardens and City Life

One of the best things about living in the 6th arrondissement, is the Luxembourg Gardens. The Luxembourg Gardens were a ten-minute walk from the small boutique hotel we stayed in. For several afternoons, we ended our action-packed days lounging on comfortable park benches. The park was full of Parisians of various ages enjoying the sun,…