frozen twig

Winter Nature Photography Tips

Winter photography presents its own special challenges. When the land is covered with a coating of snow and ice outlines branches,  the outdoors are transformed into a magical place. As the snow falls, beautiful snapshots are at every turn. Squirrels nibbling seeds. Birds happily gathered around feeders and the beauty of snow-laden branches. Lately, it…


Imbolc and the first signs of spring

Imbolc is a Celtic festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly celebrated on 1 or 2 February (or 12 February, according to the Old Calendar) in the northern hemisphere and 1 August in the southern hemisphere. These dates fall halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc is usually celebrated when the…

Nudibranchs defend themselves with their food

Originally posted on Tough Little Birds:
Nudibranchs, or sea slugs, are descended from animals with protective shells like those of modern snails. Nudibranchs have lost that shell, leaving them potentially vulnerable: squishy morsels in an ocean full of hungry things. But nudibranchs have some tricks to avoid becoming someone else’s meal: they use their own food…

Bugs, Spiders Keep NYC Clean by Eating Garbage

  Yes, bugs can make your skin crawl but they do have their functions. In New York City bugs consume tons of garbage tossed on the streets by New Yorkers. I bet bugs, spiders, cockroaches, etc, do they same in other places, too. Read this article, Bugs, Spiders Keep NYC Clean by Eating Garbage to learn more.