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Whose Egg Case?

European Mantis called the Praying Mantis (Mantis_religiosa) egg case. Photo by Donna L Long.
Much has been made of the usefulness of mantises as garden predators, gobbling up pests left and right. It seems that it is just a lot of ‘who-ey’.

My Garden Looks Fantastic!

My community garden plot. Photo by Donna L. Long.
This plot has expanded my 'backyard habitat'. I haven't encountered any of the above animals in my backyard.

Red Admiral Butterfly and Flowers That Attract Them.

Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa Atalanta) sipping salts from human skin.
When I see a Red Admiral, I always catch my breath. It is something about the curved band of red on the dark black wings that delight me. These aren't big butterflies but their colors are very arresting. They get noticed. No other butterfly has a wing pattern like Red Admirals.