A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook (PDF and Paperback)

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A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook answers those little questions that other gardening books forget. This book is written for kitchen and vegetable gardeners. Questions answered include:

  • What is a frost date and what does it mean for my plants?
  • how nighttime temperatures affect your crops
  • what is a chilling period
  • how to harden off plants
  • how to plant crops by the Moon
  • what are cool or warm season crops and when to plant them
  • what is solarization and how to due it
  • how each season’s weather affects the growth of your plants.

A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook: Learn these successful gardening concepts

  • Learn how to use the natural warming and cooling of the Earth to plant at the optimal times.
  • Learn the simple ingredients to great compost inspired by Earth’s natural processes.
  • Learn why plant origins are important to their success in your garden.
  • Learn to understand the timing of planting and why cool-season crops planted at the wrong time, fail.
  • And finally, learn how to find the information that helps you to understand the land, soil, climate, and weather where you garden.


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My Inspiration

When I was a new gardener, the most trouble I had was when to what.  Years of making mistakes and wasting money were frustrating. I pulled together my experiences and researched scientific journals to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Then I began teaching what I learned to gardeners. My big problem was there wasn’t a book I could use for my classes that covered the topics I covered. This guide, A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook, came out of those classes and questions from gardeners.

After reading this handbook, you will understand how the Earth’s cycles and seasons affect your garden. You will be able to create a beautiful, successful garden with the Earth as your guide.

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