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My name is Donna L. Long and I am an environmental educator living in the beautiful Delaware River Valley in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I teach and write about ecology, ecological gardening, and environmental issues.

I am a teacher with a certification in Environmental Science through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Education. (education and qualifications). I received my Master of Education from Arcadia University. As an environmental educator, I work to help others see and understand the beauty in our world.  I teach environmental topics to adults and school-age children.

I am very grateful to be human and to have a beautiful abundant world to live in. I work, volunteer, write, and blog to call attention to those everyday joys and wonders, that make living here on planet Earth so good.

By being mindful of what we do, we are not saving the Earth, we are saving life on Earth, including ourselves. We can’t take, take, take without giving something in turn. I try to highlight our symbiotic role with the land in my writings.

On this blog, I publish nature articles, photos of my nature journal pages, and photo galleries of the photos I take of the beauty and drama of the natural world. For subscribers to this blog, I publish a quarterly newsletter of the season and a digest of seasonal news.

I was interviewed by The Pennsylvania Naturalist and The Magnifying Glass and The Chestnut Hill Local.

See my ‘clippings’ page for some of my publications.

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