Nature Almanac for August 2019

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August 2019. Summer is winding down. Cool nights return and heat-intolerant annuals can be planted in the garden now.

Fall migration begins this month

August 2019

  • 1st – Lammas Day (Earth begins autumn)
  • 7th – First Quarter Moon – waxing toward full
  • 7th – Gray squirrels have second litters
  • 11th – Dog Days End (the most warm and humid days of the summer)
  • 11 – 13th – Perseids Meteor Showers, duration 4.6 days, 50 meteors per hour
  • 15th – Full Green Corn Moon
  • 15th – Return of Cool Days
  • 16th – Ragweed in bloom
  • 23rd – Last Quarter Moon – waning toward new
  • 26th – Hummingbirds begin migrating south
  • 30th – New Moon


In the Night Sky

  • New Moon always rises near sunrise
  • First Quarter rises near noon
  • Full Moon always rises near sunset
  • Last Quarter rises near midnight
  • Moonrise occurs about 50 minutes later each day.
  • Watch the Perseids Meteor Showers, duration 4.6 days, 50 meteors per hour. The meteors enter the sky from the northeast. You can best see them in the predawn hours. Bright lunar phases will spoil the Perseids Meteor Showers

In the Garden

  • Corn is in the fresh eating “green corn” stage – plenty of corn on the cob
  • Harvest of crops that grew all summer are in full swing
  • Planting of fall’s cool-season crops is winding down. Finish planting broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards, lettuces, and root crops.
  • Who’s Blooming Now? – Asters, Trumpet Creepers, Giant Purple Hyssop, Milkweeds, Tickseeds, Liatris, Monardas, Goldenrods, and Sedums. Perhaps one f these natives would look great in your garden.

Plants in August

  • Look for the first leaves to change color

Animals in August

  • The best fishing days – August 1st through 15th, 30th, 31st.
  • Male deer are beginning to compete for mates

Birds in August

  • Swallows gathering in flocks in preparation for migration
  • Swallows are earliest birds to move south.
  • Hawk migrations begin in late August   link

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