Autumn Photography Subjects

Backlit leaf - single leaf series
Backlit leaf - single leaf series

Autumn photography subjects can include plants, animals, closeup of leaves and many scenes that characterize the season.

Trying to take pictures to highlight the season. This can become a scavenger hunt for “things seen in autumn”.

autumn leaf - single leaf series
autumn leaf - single leaf series

Try some of these ideas.

  • look for mini-scenes not necessarily grand landscapes.
  • colored leaves fallen in a rushing stream.
  • pine cones and seed pods
  • migrating ducks and geese.
  • early morning frosts on leaves and flowers
  • early morning mists – as the sun rises and as the mist disappears
  • wide skies with colorful leaves below and blue sky above
  • berries and fruit glistening with dew
  • harvest time at farmers’ markets
  • animals preparing for winter
  • mushroom and fungi that appear after fall rains
  • fall flowers blooming in brilliant color
  • the last of the insects busily gathering nectar and pollen
Leaf and twigs - single leaf series
Leaf and twigs - single leaf series

Create a series

  • things that are red or orange or gold
  • things that will soon disappear
  • patterns, circles, lines
  • a mood that exemplifies autumn
  • light and shade
  • still-lifes of seasonal objects
  • reflections in water
  • single leaf (the photo in this post are from my single leaf series)
The nature journal is just the place to create a gallery of seasonal pictures.

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