Avatar and the Golden Rule

I saw the film Avatar for the second time. This time in 3-D. It is an excellent, excellent movie.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who have not seen it, but the environmental message is clear.

Avatar’s Message

Live so your land is abundant and you won’t need to go and take someone’s stuff. Do unto others what you want done to you. You can go to bed with a clear conscious. And we won’t have to pay for mistakes or the sins of our ancestors. Our children can live in abundance, harmony and peace.

It is time for some folks to simply grow up. We have to change the way we live. And I don’t mean all this “green shopping” nonsense either. Pleasure shopping and over consuming is just plain greed. How much stuff do we really need?

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Avatar – Favorite Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes from Avatar:

“You will live with us and learn our ways. We will see if your insanity can be cured.” – The clan leader Mo’at to Jake Sully

“Go back to your dying world.” – Jake Sully to the Sky People in his rally of the Navi

What You Do?

If we meet people like the Navi, Earth’s corporations and money-chasers would be plotting and scheming to take over their world, just as they plotted and schemed here on Earth.

Let’s take away their power and diminish their influence and size. Practice frugality.

Update: Avatar 2 will be released December 2022

It promises to be a blockbuster. We love these movies for a reason. I think it has to do with longing for the harmony we have lost because of our artificial way of life.

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