frozen pods hanging from a tree

Nature in Winter: Table of Contents

frozen pods hanging from a tree
frozen pods hanging from a tree

Winter is a mystery to many of us.  Basically, because we try to stay inside and keep warm. Studying ecology and natural history in bitter cold in not something most of us want to do.

But winter is a great tie to study ecology. The stillness of the air, the quiet, the lack of insects buzzing in your ear or sucking your blood (female mosquitoes), make it easier to focus and not be distracted.

Collected below are pages from In Season which focus on nature in winter.

Table of Contents

Nature in Winter: An Overview

Winter Nature Journal Keeping

Winter Seasonal Nature Journal

Winter Journal Prompts

Winter Journal Writing Prompts

Winter Photography Tips

In the Winter Sky

Winter Solstice and Full Moons

Winter Animals

Winter Animal Signs

Insects in Winter

Hibernation is Suspended Animation

Bears Hibernate in Their Own Way

Winter Birds

Most Common Winter Birds in Philadelphia

Winter Birds and Winter Food

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