The Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal: For  Scientists, Citizen Scientists, and Nature Journal Keepers

The Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal: For  Scientists, Citizen Scientists, and Nature Journal Keepers

For next-level nature journal keepers

Keeping a standard nature journal is fun and useful. But sometimes you want more of a challenge. The Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal teaches you how to collect scientifically useful information.

Whether you're a citizen scientist or a local amateur naturalist, you can create information that can be used by future generations to take care of the land.

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About the Book

For next-level nature journal keepers. Start keeping nature notes that will be valuable for scientific study now and in the future.

For students who are studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)

For those nature journal keepers who wish to donate their valuable notes to local libraries, environmental centers, and historical societies. 

The Grinnell Scientific Journal: For Citizen Scientists, Students, and Nature Journal Keepers provides easy-to-understand directions on creating detailed field notes using the method created by Joseph Grinnell, the first director of the University of California’s Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

The Grinnell Scientific Journal covers each of the four components of the method.

  1. The Pocket Notebook – is carried on all field trips, hikes, and while observing in your backyard. This is your primary note receptacle.
  2. The Journal – organizes the notes collected in the pocket notebook.
  3. The Species Account – keeps your observations of specific species or individual plants or animals easily accessible.
  4. The Catalog – tracks the objects and specimens you collect.

Learn how to participate in citizen science, use animal and plant ethograms, record phenology, and create a seasonal round.


Series: The Nature Journal Series, Book 1
Genre: Nature Journals
Tag: Recommended Guides
Publisher: Live Simply Press
Publication Year: September 2019
Format: print, ebook, pdf
Length: 128 pages
Illustrator: Donna L. Long
List Price: 10.95
eBook Price: 7.99
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About the Author
Donna L. Long

Donna writes informational guides on gardening, natural history, and environmental topics. She is a lifelong gardener, naturalist, and environmental educator who lives in Philadelphia, PA.

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