Celebrating the Winter Solstice (with videos)

Northbourne: summer solstice sunset (3)
Northbourne: summer solstice sunset (3) by Chris Downer is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Celebrating the Winter Solstice is a natural Earth holiday all over the planet. Humans have watched and celebrated the winter solstice with thanksgiving, family get-togethers, and public ceremonies for thousands if not millions of years. 

If we don’t have traditional ceremonies and prayers for celebrating the winter solstice, we can still pray our own prayers of gratitude and ask for guidance.  These two videos explain the importance of the Winter Solstice in living a earth-centered life.

What the Winter Solstice means in the Cree tradition

What the Winter Solstice means in the Cree tradition.

The Winter Solstice is a time of gratitude, reflection, and connection

What does the shortest day of the year mean to you? Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway from the Buffalo People Arts Institute talks about the Winter Solstice and what it means to her.

If you would like to learn the why and how the Sun moves and how you can track the solstice, read my post Winter Solstice arrives.

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!

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