Spring Warblers – Birding Tips and Techniques

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia). Photo courtesy Pennsylvania Game Commission/Joe Kosack.
Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia). Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission/Joe Kosack.

Spring warblers are among the fast and the furious. Getting photographs of these small, hyperactive birds is difficult. And spotting them is difficult. When I see photographs of these beautiful little birds, I wish I could get pictures like that. 

I would love to get a great photo or two of at least two species of warblers. It takes research and practice way before you hit the birding trail. 

And spring migration will soon be in full swing.

The tips in this article also help with spotting the birds on birding trips. Of course you can try luring them to your backyard feeders. Well, we can hope.

This article by Bill Palmer appeared on the North American Nature Photography Association blog a few weeks ago. I share it here because it has such excellent advice. And it almost warbler season.

Highlights from the article

  • learn the calls and songs of the species you are most likely to see and hear
  • learn what warbler like what habitat
  • spring warbler migration starts in late March through May in North America
  • warblers fly over the Gulf of Mexico back into North America
  • Magee March in Northwest Ohio is called, “The Warbler Capital of North America”
  • the technical stuff of photographing warblers – camera, lens, flash, etc. is covered
  • hints and tips of getting the shot
  • Read the full article by following the link below.

From the article:

“Most of us are pretty adroit at photographing eagles, hawks, pelicans, ducks and other large birds, but what about photographing small, hyperactive, secretive birds such as warblers? Adding to the challenge, when you do get a chance to see one, it may only be visible for a few…”

via Chasing Spring Warblers — NANPA | North American Nature Photography Association


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