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  1. Hello Donna, we’re the publisher of the “not Peterson” folding reference guides. I love your site – it’s full of great information. I tripped over it looking for tree species lists. That said, I see that you have many very old images of our folding guides. If you are interested, we’d be happy to send you updated images. Best regards, Jill

    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks for contacting me. Sure I’d love new images of your folding guides. I’ve been using the guides for years, probably since they first came out.
      I love supporting independent publishers.

      Wado (Thanks)

  2. Thank you for your amazing collection of resources and info. I’ve recently started leading a senior citizen nature journaling group in southeren California and your blog articles will be of great help!

    • Hi Pat, Thank you for contacting me and you kind words. I’m just getting tomorrow’s posts ready. I’ll be publishing a booklet in February (fingers-crossed!) with the best of the nature journaling articles from this blog. Best wishes to my fellow nature journalers. And I think you sent sunny warm weather our way. The next few days will be in the 60s – in Philly, in January! Climate change – oh my.

  3. I have been teaching about field journals for more than 30 years, but only now have I found you. THANK YOU for having a robust online presence, for articulating the Grinnell method, and for providing an alternative to Steve Herman’s invaluable book (which I cherish, just like you). I’ve been wondering if anyone had contacted his family about reproducing his book, but I think your solution might be perfect. (I haven’t downloaded it yet and will try to purchase a hard copy too.) His book inspired me to focus my graduate work on field journals and their uses by scientists, artists, and activists. One of my profiles was of an activist who used his field notes to save one of the first urban wilderness areas; he now lives in Philadelphia. I hope you get this and find my comments interesting enough to reply. Carolyn Duckworth, July 31, 2022, writing from my home near the Chickahominy River, just north of Richmond, VA. It’s raining lightly and about 80 degrees. Male ruby-throated hummingbird at the feeder now.

    • Hi Carolyn, Thanks you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate your words of encouragement. Teaching about field journals for thirty years is impressive. I’ve taught workshops in the past and miss teaching them. They students were so committed to natural history.
      I was in Tappahannock, VA along the Rappahannock River in April. The Chesapeake Tidewaters is such as beautiful area. It is just different enough from my home base to feel exotic. Keep up the good work. Donna

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