Donna L. Long does many things in addition to writing, keeping a nature journal, and backyard habitat gardening. Be aware that it may take several days to answer your inquiry. She will do her best to get back to you.

To This Blog’s Readers:

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I enjoy hearing from fellow lovers of Mother Earth. Feel free to contact me using the form below.

Request for Speaking and Training

It’s a pleasure speaking, teaching, and sharing with others what I’ve learned and experienced. If you would like me to speak, lead a workshop, or teach on a topic, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below. Here is a list of the workshops and presentations I lead.

Request for Reprints,  Photo or Illustration Usage, Translations, and Link Backs

If you would like to reprint, use photos or illustrations or republish any of the content on this site, contact the copyright owner first, that’s me Donna L. Long. Express your request in writing. Use the contact form below.

Excerpts are permitted as defined in the copyright policy and permissions statement.

Requests for translations are appreciated but not permitted. You may translate an excerpt with a link to the original content in English or translated version of the article via Google Language Tools or another web translation service. You do not have permission to publish a translation of any content on this site other than Fair Usage.

Any photo or illustration on this site which is in the public domain is noted in the photo caption. You can go to  the original graphic/photo and copyright permissions using the link in the caption under the photo.

Here is what I don’t do or respond to:

Contributors and Guest Bloggers

This site doesn’t accept solicitations for contributors or guest bloggers.  You will be refused.

Reviews, Promotion, Links or Marketing Requests

This site doesn’t accept solicitations for review, link, or promotion of products or services. Please do not ask. You will be refused.

If you have an affiliate program linked to your product or service, maybe I’ll consider it. But, probably not.

Selling this Site

No, I will not be selling this site.


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This contact form is for blog readers, request for speaking and workshops, and professional contacts. It is not for solicitation, guest blogging requests or advertising or marketing requests. This site and blogger doesn’t accept them. 

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