Disclaimers Or the Limits of My Super Powers

My Opinions

And do I have them. And I say them out loud and write them down. If you don’t agree with something I have said or written, please stop reading my site. I am sure I will say something else to offend or tick you off. I don’t intend to make people feel bad, defame, libel or do any being harm, but I am human and make mistakes.

If I say something that offends your religion, politics, life philosophies, success plans, views of the universe, groupthink, financial philosophy, workout plan, eating philosophy, scientific theories etc. take comfort in knowing you have probably offended me and on many occasions. I think that makes us even.

Do Not Blame Any Organization or Company I am Associated With

No one has ever made me say anything or do anything I don’t want to do – much to the chagrin of my parents. The opinions, rants, crazy thoughts, nonsense, insightful ideas and wisdom expressed on my site are entirely mine (unless noted). Nothing on this blog is a reflection of the opinions or stances of any organization or company I am associated with, at all.

My Super Powers and Expert Counsel

I am an amateur naturalist, writer, teacher, librarian, gardener, and artist. I am not a lawyer, doctor, financial planner, pharmacist, nutritionist, herbal healer, chemist, all-knowing-and-powerful OZ, psychiatrist, veterinarian, astrologer, dermatologist, shaman, sweat-lodge-leader, etc. and I certainly don’t give those kinds of counsel on or off online. My super powers do not cover these areas. Please speak with a professional who can give you accurate medical, legal, financial, chemical, shamanic, etc. counsel.


I make every effort to publish accurate information at the time I write and publish it. Information accuracy and validity changes. My super powers do not extend to keeping information accurate in all places and all times, in all languages, creeds, religions and philosophies.


I do not knowingly link to pornography, violent, offensive, or mean content. I often link to websites, information, etc. But links change. Again – my super powers do not extend to what is at the end of a link even right after have linked to it.

Laws, Languages and Cultures of Other People and Lands

This site is created in the United States of America. I don’t know the laws of other nations, territories or groups. I can’t be held libel for breaking the laws of other countries or groups. I have enough to do in not breaking the laws of my own country. Besides, I am sure people in other countries are breaking United States laws. So, again, we’re even.

I am a native English speaker. I can speak a little of several other languages but I am not proficient enough in any other language that I can write knowing the nuances of each and every word. A word may be taken out of context and be offensive in another language. I am not responsible for translation or interpretation of content.

Photographs and Graphic Images

The vast majority of the photographs and images on this site are created by me. If they aren’t, I say so.
I do on occasion when I do not have an image of a subject, use public domain images from such areas as Wikimedia and government images from local, state and federal sources. Sometimes I even buy an image. Also, creators change usage rights. If an image was previously published under an open usage grantee then changed to a more restrictive one and you would like me to remove the image, just contact me and I will remove it. I will remove it, not pay any new fees.

Files and Downloads

I find all sorts of information online in download form. I like creating downloadable objects for my readers. I make these downloads available on my site. I am sorry if you think a download may have harmed or damaged your computer, but it would be near impossible for me to investigate whether it was a download I made available or something else. Nor can I financially compensate anyone for alleged damage. I am sorry that anything like that happens, but download at your own risk.


People are often kind enough to comment on my blog. Thank you. I enjoy connecting with my readers. I am not responsible for what they say. They have the freedom to express their opinions just like anyone else. I do not publish comments I consider nasty, disrespectful, nonsensical, spam or just plain offensive. And trolls – you don’t stand a chance.

Making Money on the Site

Operating this site is not free. I do have affiliate links and sell products on this site. If a link leads you to a product or service, assume I am making money from it. If you think everything in the world should be free, so do I, but that is not where humanity is right now.

I do not accept ‘paid-to-blog’ jobs. If a product or service provider would like give me a sample or provide a service in exchange for a glowing positive review, I just don’t do that. I give honest reviews, only. And yes I will use a free sample. Contact me for the mailing address.

Copyright and Fair Usage of This Site’s Content

I license the content of this site under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Copyright Laws are very restrictive in the United States and to grant people the use of my intellectual property I have to clearly state that is what I am doing. See the copyright and permissions page for details.

Please note: the Usage terms for this site’s were listed incorrectly on this “Disclaimers” page but correctly on the “Copyright and Permissions” page. The content on this disclaimers pages was were changed from “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States” to a “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License” on 14 November 2022.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Limits on Damage

If you think you can get a windfall by suing me for damages and receive a financial reward you are wasting a tremendous amount of time. The financial responsibility of the content on my website and blog is limited to $500.00. Choosing a small-site blogger to sue is not a good move anyway. It radiates bad vibes not to mention the effect on your karma.

That’s All Folks. Any questions? Please contact me.

Thank you for reading.

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