Disconnection from the Earth: The Biggest Con

That human beings are disconnected from the Earth is the biggest, most extensive con job in the history of humanity. And it’s killing us.

What did it take to change human thinking from clearly and sanely understanding that the Earth is our sole source of life to an inanimate, nonliving thing we could abuse?


Why Did Humans Go Along with the Disconnection?

Is admitting that we depend on our world and each other seen as a sign of weakness? Did some people realize it wasn’t true, but were afraid to admit it for fear of embarrassment? Or is it simply believing what they wish was true? Which begs the question, why would they want to be independent and disconnected from the Earth in the first place?

Was there a major natural disaster that was so traumatic that people who went through it needed some sort of insurance that the disaster would never affect them again? Or was it ego that they were superior and didn’t need anyone? 


Bayou Cocodrie Lousiana Cypress trees


Why Did The Con Artists Push the Idea of Disconnection?

Or was it simply an economic con job? For a small investment (no longer revering the Earth) the recipient would gain a high reward like luxury and power? Cut down a forest and get a lot of stuff. Catch all the fish in a river, sell them and make huge piles of money.

If you want to con many people, repeat a big lie over and over until many people believe it. Make sure others repeat the same lie again and again. If the facts and reality are opposite to what the lies need to take hold, give the facts a bad name. We see this repeatedly. We see this scam format in racism, sexism, homophobia, environmentalism, etc. The process is the same. 

Con artists to weed out the people who they can’t con easily, by including an obvious mistake or ridiculous claim as an opening. They used this technique with scam email or letters with incorrect grammar or misspellings. The person who will overlook obvious mistakes is just the person the con artist is looking for. They are the victim who will also overlook false statements and nonsensical reasonings. Believing you don’t need the Earth to be clean and healthy, is a ridiculous and false statement.


Why Are 21st Century Educated People Going Along With This?

I’ve been told nonsensical statements about environmental issues by people with advanced college degrees. 1. They don’t need clean water, they’ll just drink soda. I pointed out that soda is a syrup that is mixed with local water in bottling plants. 2. Climate change will mean he’ll live in a new tropical paradise on his newly transformed beach front property. I wish I made up these statements, but I haven’t.

The scam artists made humans an offer that is too good to be true: We can do whatever we want to the Earth with no consequences except high living and good times for everyone (in reality for just some people). 

Those of us who have been working in environmental conservation and habitat restoration wonder what will need to happen before humans wake up. And when it happens, will it be too late to save ourselves and the endangered ecosystems? Plan B, anyone? 

Those people who try to carry out harmful environmental projects have thinking so twisted there is probably no reaching them. I would like them to show me with facts and evidence me they have been able to live without clean water or air or clean soil to grow their food. Otherwise, I think they are just crazy.

I focus my efforts on those people who feel the need to act, to live environmentally responsibly. For we are the people who will lead in the future, whatever that may look like.

Homegrown organic carrots from my garden.
Homegrown organic carrots from my garden.

Relationship vs. Disconnection

I grow food, propagate native plants, and engage in habitat restoration. Those efforts use my natural abilities and skills I can improve. I bet you do the same.

Planet Earth - Home

Mother Earth is a living entity. She is alive and filled with life. I am filled with life. She contains multitudes, and so do I. We are both filled with microbes and organisms. She is mostly water and so am I. It is like the Creator made Mother Earth and I as mirror reflections of each other. I belong to her. My body was made to function on this planet. I happily choose to stay here, on Earth, my mother and home.

My relationship with Mother Earth is a give and take relationship between the two of us. Mother Earth has cared for me since my beginning. Mother Earth has cared for my family for Millenium or else I wouldn’t be here. The least I can do is the fight for both of our continued survival.

To Mother Earth, Happy Mother’s Day. Every day is Earth Day.


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  1. Donna – thank you for speaking up so plainly and clearly on this issue, and thank you for your beautiful photographs, which helped me get through the hard truths in your prose. I’m afraid that as humans we are really bad at long term imagining and really good at telling ourselves stories to justify what we want. Thanks for reminding us to honor our mother.

    • Hi, Laura – Thanks for your kind words. The stories we tell ourselves define how we move through the world. We need to tell ourselves new stories.

    • Hey, Omar – Thanks for the comment. As I have joked to my friends – We can’t get our act together down here. We don’t need to take this show on the road.

  2. Enjoyed reading your post. Sometimes I find it depressing how many people buy into the lie but I try to remember that it’s true that we have to be the change we want to see in the world. Hopefully our actions and arguments will persuade them them they are wrong, and if we all just get one person to change their behaviour then that is one more person looking after the Earth than before.

    • Hi, Anne – Thanks for your comment. I do hope for change, but I develop my “Plan B” in case human foolishness wins out.

  3. Thank you for this candid reminder that we are born and bond to Mother Earth. And that we are poisoning that relationship. We will be change our environment for good or bad, that will be our legacy born from our decision. If we are deceived it’s because we want to be. I am broken hearted at your reminder. That my people, our people, would so cheaply sell our mothers gifts and squander them. I love our world, it is beautiful and wonder lies around every corner. I will fight with you where I am able, this good fight. There is hope.

    I love reading your posts and am grateful that you take the time to write them. Please know some one reads your words and is stirred.

    Thank you so much,
    Ron Smith

    • Hi, Ron – Thanks for the kind words. We try and keep trying. But, I do think we who are wide awake and aware need to develop “Plan B” in case humans keep marching down the road to self destruction. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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