Earth Day: After Thoughts

White Columbine blossom
White Columbine blossom, cultivar of the Wild Columbine.

For many indigenous peoples, their cultures and economies depend on a healthy, functioning ecosystem.

For westerners and other capitalists their economies depend on land as raw material to sell and transform into “value-added” products. A working ecosystem is irrelevant.

Westerners and other capitalists see themselves so far removed from the natural world, that healthy habitats, full water tables and biodiversity are not a priority or even a consideration in decision-making.

White Columbine
White Columbine, cultivar of the Wild Columbine.

After all, these are folks who are seriously planning and looking-forward to space colonies. The thinking goes – as long as they can farm their food (fruit, vegetables, and animals, etc.) they don’t need the natural world to produce for them. They can sustain themselves, thank you very much.

So, let the ecosystems become destroyed and non-functioning, the capitalists will be just fine.

But, what about the rest of us? I have no intention of leaving Earth. Earth is my mother and my home. I am not separated from the natural world. I am one of the many organisms that make up the functioning ecosystems. I need to live in a way that ensures and the renewable and life-sustaining systems continue.

trees at TreePhilly
Tree giveaway by

So, Sunday, Earth Day I spent three hours in the pouring raining giving garden advice to people picking up free trees given away by Tree Philly. The library garden club I volunteer with had a table setup and was dispensing gardening advice and giving away free information.

Big, big kudos to Tree Philly for only dispensing Philadelphia native trees. They gave away six trees. The large trees were River Birch, White Oak and Sugar Maple. The small trees were Redbud, Serviceberry (Shadbush) and Flowering Dogwood. I am sure many of the folks who picked up trees didn’t realize the trees were native species or why native species are so important. In this case, it doesn’t matter if they know, the native tress will be planted.

Violet Iris blossom
Violet Iris blossom

Because Earth is my home, I volunteer, blog, promote native plants, do habitat restoration, and try my best to live a life that sustains the sacred life of Earth. I do this out of gratitude to the natural world. My existence here on Earth is fragile, and I don’t take it for granted. I also do this for those of us who stay behind when the capitalists take off in gigantic spaceships or tumble through a wormhole.

Iris bud of native Northern Blue Flag
Iris bud of native Northern Blue Flag cultivar

There is no reason I or anyone else should have to live in a degraded environment. The necessities of life are Creator given rights, because without them, we die. I eat and drink because I have to, to live.

If the capitalists want to free themselves from any ties to the Earth, I say good luck with that. But, they don’t get to destroy my home while doing it.

So, if someone wants to call me a rabid environmentalist, I say thank you. Tree-hugger? Damn straight. Environmental Wacko? Okay, you’ve got my number. But, I am fighting for my life and the sacred life that is Earth.


Iris bud of native Northern Blue Flag
Iris cultivar of native Northern Blue Flag


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