Earth Day: We Sing Together

White Columbine blossom
White Columbine blossom, cultivar of the Wild Columbine.

Each morning as I face the rising Sun, I pray and give thanks for the bounty and love of Mother Earth. These last few mornings, the birds have raised their voices in calls and songs as the Sun rises. Our voices join together in a dawn chorus singing the praises of this world and the good lives we live here.

As I sing and say my prayers the birds are saying theirs’ too. It is a powerful moment. I realize how we are connected one to another. The House Sparrows chirp along as the Robins sing a lovely cheerful song. Each morning new voices join the chorus.

Nesting and Life Carries On

A mating pair of Robins have already build a nest under my front porch eaves. The House Sparrows have moved away from their winter flock roosting sites to establish nests. I watched a Starling dart in and out of a hole with pieces of twigs in its’ beak.

Last Saturday in Bethany Beach, Delaware, I watched three pair of nesting Ospreys. The local resident birds are nesting. The neotropical migrants will arrive in the next few weeks.

Bird migration activity is still low on the east coast. The neotropical migrants have reach this far north yet. I track east coast bird migration at Live Bird Migration Map on

Comfort in the Familiar

Is is comforting to watch the cycle of the seasons. No matter what nonsense the humans get into, Mother Earth serenely and calmly carries on. Birds nest and raise young. And life goes on.

Earth is my mother and my home. I am not separated from the natural world. I am one of the many organisms that make up the functioning ecosystems. I need to live in a way that ensures and the renewable and life-sustaining systems continue. For many indigenous peoples, their cultures and economies depend on a healthy, functioning ecosystem. And so do the non-indigenous, too.

Because Earth is my home, I volunteer, blog, promote native plants, do habitat restoration, and try my best to live a life that sustains the sacred life of Earth. I do this out of gratitude to the natural world. My existence here on Earth is fragile, and I don’t take it for granted.

Happy Earth Day, my Friends.

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  1. Hi Donna, Thank you for your thoughtful reflection on Earth Day. It will only reach 48 degrees in Minneapolis, the sky is cloudy and rain is expected. The trees are not even close to leafing out yet, but I’ve been watching a crow carry nesting material to it’s nest site nine stories above ground – quite a feat when the branch is nearly as big as the crow.

    • Hi Patty – the trees are completely leafed out here. And a Robin is incubating her eggs in a nest under my front porch eaves. Stay posted for baby chicks photos coming soon!

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