Feederwatch begins November 1

Male American Goldfinch visits my niger seed feeder.
Male American Goldfinch visits my nyger seed feeder.


The annual citizen science project of counting birds for science starts November 1. Posting starts November 9th.

Just when land quiets. When so many birds have flown to warmer and buggier parts further south, watching winter birds begins.

I set my bird feeders up in my backyard this past weekend. I want the birds to start coming back to my garden after the long summer break. I don’t feed as often in the summer because there is such an abundance of  insects and fruit around. I save my money to spend on bird food through the winter and spring.

If you would like to count birds for science and help track bird diseases, visit the new and vastly improved FeederWatch website. Sign up. The cost of $15.00 supports the program. If you don’t have the $15.00 to donate, visit the website anyway. Plenty of tips and information on birds is free for the taking.

Here is a slide presentation on the Top20_MidAtlantic_web birds of the Mid-Atlantic, courtesy of Project FeederWatch.

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