Garden Tour – May 2023

Eastern Carpenter Bee on kale flowers
Eastern Carpenter Bee on kale flowers in Donna’s Garden.

My Garden is Full of Life

I have been very busy starting seeds, transplanting, and taking care of the plants in my garden. My plants and I are in a relationship of give-and-take. It is my duty and I promised to care for the plants which provide me with moments of joy as they display gorgeous blooms. Some provide me with food, while others provide shade. They also provide food and shelter to the creatures that visit or live in my garden.

This week’s bouquet – Lettuce flowers

And my garden duties have kept me from posting on my blog. Just a couple of weeks more before I am back to posting.

Here’s a video tour of my garden.


August 2023 Nature Almanac

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  1. Super video of an amazingly packed garden. How do your soft fruit do in pots? I don’t have much space so am thinking about it. Do the raspberries grow OK in pots?

    • Hi Denzil – thanks for your question. This is my first full garden season growing soft fruit in pots. It hasn’t been a screaming success- yet. I choose compact varieties – Top hat blueberries, berry n bush raspberry and blackberries. Give it a try – nothing beats a failure but a try. Good luck.

  2. Donna, your garden is an absolute gem! It’s incredible how you’ve maximized the space to create a beautiful blend of native plants and thriving vegetable patches. I am so fortunate to have met you, as you are one of the people who have inspired me to create an enchanting oasis of my own. Thank you for the tour!

    • Oh Paulina that is so kind and sweet. Thank you for your kind words. I know your garden will be magical. See you soon.

    • Hi Paulina – sorry for the misspelling of your name – it was autocorrected.

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