Green Corn Moon and Gratitude

Harvest Moon in night sky (iStock photo)

The Full Green Corn Moon rises near sunset this evening.  Green Corn stands tall and straight, ripening in the hot sun. Green corn is fresh corn, commonly called corn on the cob.  The stalks are pale green, fresh and easily shaped into useful things. It is the first of the harvest.  In a month, during the Harvest Moon, the corn is clothed in golden leaves, dry to the touch.

English: Corn
Corn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a time to celebrate the bounty of the Earth. And to give thanks to her with songs and prayers of gratitude.

English: Corn female flower AKA corn silk. The...
Corn female flower AKA corn silk. The incipient ear is within the husks below the silk. For seed formation, many grains of pollen must be delivered to the sticky strands of silk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Corn growing, Minnesota, USA
Corn growing, Minnesota, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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