1. Even here in the during the August heat wave in the low country of SC, I’ve spotted the same! Nuts are falling, a few leaves are changing color, the Beautyberry berries are turning their wonderful magenta color….. It always surprises me. I expect these things in August in the North East, but I thought that since we have longer seasons here, these changes would appear later. Don’t you just love the rhythm of nature? 🙂

    • Hi, Pam

      I find it very interesting that the changes are happening in low country SC about the same time, because spring starts there earlier than here. “Tis a puzzlement.”

      The night are cooler here around August 15th. Good sleeping weather. And if you have been in Philly on a July night, know know just have wonderful this is. The cool nights started over a week ago, a little early, but I am not complaining.

      Us naturalists are never bored. There is always something new and something to investigate.

      See ya, Pam

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