Birds by Color: Identifying Little Gray Birds

Dark-eyed Junco in my garden. Photo by Donna L. Long
Dark-eyed Junco in my garden. Photo by Donna L. Long

During winter there are several species of little gray birds that frequent the buffet at our feeders.

Chickadees live in my neighborhood all year long. Philadelphia is one of those places where the Carolina Chickadee and the Black-capped Chickadee mix. I can never tell the species apart and have stopped trying. When birders around here say they can tell the two species apart, I am skeptical.

Here is a photo gallery of several little gray birds to help you identify them. Thanks to the photographers who shared their photographs through Flickr and Creative Commons.


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Identifying Little Gray Birds





  1. Wonderful gallery of seasonal birds! Am i right? It also give me an idea or give me a view to watch birds which gather in a special person of season. Just like it’s summer time in my country India, and lots of birds attracts to seasonal tree and flowers and some local migratory birds are there too. I’ll collect all these informations. Thanks Donna!

    • Hi, Sanjay

      Are the birds eating insects, feeding insects to their young, or sipping nectar from the flowers? Which birds are doing what? Here in the U.S., our native birds feed their young mostly insects. And the native insects here only eat native plants, not imported plants from some other land.

      Your notes on the birds and their habits can be very useful to scientists.

      Keep me posted on what you learn.


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