The Importance of Birds to Indigenous American Peoples (video)


Birds are important in the spirit traditions of Earth-focused peoples all over the world. Birds have a special role in the spirituality of American indigenous peoples.

Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Onondaga Nation, speaks on the importance of birds and the significance of feathers.

We know how birds are always in motion. They fly and hop from tree branch to tree branch. They chatter and sing. Birds are very vocal, probably such more vocal than many mammals, except humans.

If we learn the language of the birds, we can learn from them. The Chickadees which frequent my backyard bird feeders are the sentries that announce to the other birds I am about to fill up the feeders.

The Blue Jays screech their warning call when a cat walks up the back road.

Birds are communicators of the first degree.

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