Infinite Blue and White

Blue sky with cumulus clouds
Blue sky with cumulus clouds. Photo by Donna L. Long.

I follow the ChronosFeR2 blog and I like his insights. The other week, I commented on a post of his and he responded with such an insightful response I asked if I could share it with you.

Hi, Donna. the blue of heaven has always been, for me, infinity, something that the eyes reach and feel peace. the clouds have something that fascinates me: movement. and when they are white, before the storm arrives, they reveal sensitivity and also transmit peace. are gray only when we are not at peace. happy with your presence here. (ah! observe the dawn and the end of the day, the transition of colors and Iā€™m sure you will feel an immense peace within you, and then the colors will be almost the rainbow depending on the day.

The origianl post is

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