Interview – in The Pennsylvania Naturalist

Monarch butterfly on pink zinnia flower in my garden
Monarch butterfly on pink zinnia flower in my garden. Photo by Donna L. Long

I was interviewed for the latest issue of the Pennsylvania Naturalist (Spring/Summer 2011). My interview is under Nature Rambles. – this link no longer works. It seems the interview was moved.

But the PA Master Naturalist website uses the photo from the interview. That’s me with the Purple Coneflowers. 🙂

PA Master


  1. Dear Donna, this link no longer works, and a simple search request on the site did not turn up anything on “Donna Long.” You may have been sent to the ether winds! Or perhaps they have merely moved you to a more convenient place??

    • Thanks for letting me know. The PA Master Naturalist organization separated from PICE/Wildlife Leadership Academy several years ago. I guess the interview articles was “lost in the move”. But the Pa Master Naturalist website is using my photo from the article on the website That’s me with the flowers. 🙂

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