It’s 100 degrees outside. We need trees.

shady walk of tall trees
a shady walk of tall trees

It’s 100 degrees fahrenheit here in Philadelphia. And the lack of trees along some city streets is a big minus. I walked down to the mailbox this morning and the lack of shade made the walk unpleasant.

Philadelphia has done a great job replanting trees in the city. But, there are still city residents who refuse to plant a tree in front of their houses because they don’t want the leaves. This bothers me to no end.

One way it bothers me as it is just another example of how people don’t respect the land. Philadelphia is in a natural forest. The natural habitats of this land include forest, meadows, swamps, wetlands, rivers and streams. Not concrete and asphalt.

Why the Push Back?

I just don’t understand it. Leaves? Is that the real reason someone doesn’t want a tree? Leaves only fall for a  few weeks in the Fall. Maybe someone has to rake up the leaves three or four times. Is that so bad? And leaves decay by spring anyway.

It is this kind of thinking which makes me despair that we humans can save ourselves. We aren’t saving the Earth, we’re saving us, humans. Maybe.

Some of us aren’t very adaptable. No, changing. Changing is for sissies.

But, Earth bats last. And Earth, she always wins.

So, I guess I am just not very optimistic about humanity today.

Okay, maybe some of humanity. The rest of us will do what we gotta do. Peace.

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  1. Donna, You are so right about how important trees are to quality of life in the city. Don't lose hope, though: just keep trying to educate, as you are doing.

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