Keeping a Nature Journal: How to Do It

a page from my nature journal of 08 May 2008
a page from my nature journal of 08 May 2008


I have written many posts on the basic information on keeping a nature journal. My goal is to publish enough information so my fellow naturalists can create journals filled with valuable and accurate information to aid in their personal study of nature and possibly have scientific use. Nature Study is at its heart learning the ways in which the Earth works. With this knowledge, we can teach others, make informed choices, and voting decisions.

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Nature journal page by Donna L. Long. Photo by Donna L. Long
Nature journal page by Donna L. Long. Photo by Donna L. Long

What is Nature Journaling?

Nature Journal Themes

Nature Journal Writing Prompts

Nature Writing

Thoreau’s Journals – His Style of Keeping a Nature Journal

Nature Journal Page Layouts: Try a New Technique

Nature Journal Diagrams: How to Draw Movement

cover_Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal


The Grinnell System for Nature Journals

Grinnell System for Nature Journals 

Grinnell System Overview

Grinnell System Format

Grinnell System – Field Journal

Grinnell System – Using a Field Notebook for Nature Journaling

Grinnell System – Using a Species Account 

Grinnell System – Using a Catalog 

Nature Photography for Beginners


Fall Aster and Sweat Bee. Photo by Donna L. Long.

Nature Journaling by the Seasons

Seasonal Nature Journal 

Spring Nature Journal

Spring Nature Journal Writing Prompts

Summer Nature Journal

Autumn Nature Journal

Autumn Nature Journal Prompts

Winter Seasonal Nature Journal

Keeping a Winter Nature Journal with Writing Prompts

American Toad (Bufo americanus)
American Toad (Bufo americanus). Photo by Donna L Long.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science and Nature Journal Keeping


Simplicity for the Naturalist

Observation Checklist for Journal Keeping

Observation Checklist to Sharpen Your Skills

Phenology is Deep Ecology

Collecting Phenology Data

Responsible Collecting

Choosing a Hand Lens

Choosing Binoculars

Choosing Field Guides with Videos

Best Books for Nature Journal Keeping and Drawing

Great Horned Owl (courtesy USFWS/Dave Menke)
Great Horned Owl (courtesy USFWS/Dave Menke)

Nature Photography

Nature Photography for Beginners

Autumn Photography Tips

Autumn Photography Subjects

Winter Photography Tips

My Photography


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