Learn the Fall and Winter Plumage of these Common Birds

A female House Sparrow at one of my winter feeders in Philadelphia.
A female House Sparrow at one of my winter feeders in Philadelphia.


Learning the fall and winter plumage of common birds will cut down on “ID frustration” and increase your confidence. This is a good time to learn the “off-season” plumage of the few birds that stick around. These birds maybe flashy during the breeding season, but they are understatedly elegant during the cold weather months.

Birding at Your Backyard Feeder

Fall and winter are still is a decent time to “go” birding. You can set up bird feeders you can watch from the comfort of your warm and cozy home. You can “go” to a window in your house and observe, sketch, and draw the birds that visit your feeders.  I set up a feeder that I can easily see from my bedroom window.

Helps and Tips from Audubon

Learn the winter plumage of five year-around birds with this useful post from the Audubon website.

via Learn the Fall and Winter Colors of These Common Bird Species | Audubon

You can also download the free Audubon Bird Guide app.


Bird Plumage: Identifying Bird by Color

Birds by Color: Blue

Birds by Color: Yellow Birds

Birds by Color: Yellow Warblers

Birds by Color; Red Birds

Identifying Little Gray Birds


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