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A Seasonal Gardener's Handbook, Revised edition by Donna L. Long.
A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook, Revised edition by Donna L. Long.


Live Simply Press is a small, independent publisher focused on natural history, natural gardening, and environmental issues. Guides often have a heavy emphasis on  Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic regions.

About the Author

Live Simply Press is owned and operated by Donna L. Long. Donna is a writer and teacher. A former library director and high school teacher, she holds master degrees in Education and Library Management. Donna is a certified teacher of Environmental Science, a trained naturalist, and master home gardner. More about Donna here.

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Available Titles

Live Simply Press publishes books and guides on ecology, ecological gardening, and environmental issues.

cover_Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal

Books by Donna L. Long

Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal 

A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook 

Butterfly Life: How Butterflies are Born, Live, and Support the Earth’s Ecosystems

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Environmental Commitment

LIve SImply Press is committed to environmentally responsible publishing. Books and guides are available in immediately downloaded pdfs, electronic ePub, and print-on-demand paperbacks. Both the printed pdfs and paperbacks are recyclable. The ePub and digital pdfs are electronic and don’t need to be printed to be read.

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