May 05 collage

May 05 collage, originally uploaded by donnallong.

I created this collage from photos of flowers (and a bird) that I took this afternoon in my garden.

The Blue Flag (Iris veriscolor) is a native plant of the wet areas of the Philadelphia area. It is naturally found along waterways and wetlands.

The rose (bottom left) is “Mary Rose”, a David Austin English Rose. It will come down with Blackspot like it does every year. The blossoms are young and spotless right now. The rose can’t take the humidity of our Philadelphia summers.

The Oakleaf Foamflower – Tiarella cordifolia var. Collina Oakleaf – (bottom right), blooms from May through September. The blooms are a delicate light pink.

The Mourning Dove eats the sunflower seeds in the platform feeder.  The Mourning Dove has muted and subdued elegant colors. It is not a flashy bird but is colorful just the same.

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