My Community Garden Plot

My Community Garden Plot

My garden looks fantastic and I have to share (brag). My mother and I garden this community garden plot together. I notice that some of the well cared for plots have two or more people working it. Our space is roughly 20 feet X 32 feet.

Gorgeous from every angle

This plot has expanded my ‘backyard habitat’. I have had encounters with Colorado Potato Beetles, Mexican Bean Beetles, American Toads, voles, groundhogs, dragonflies, damselflies, bees, and more to come. I haven’t encountered any of the above animals in my backyard.

Yellow Straight Neck Summer Squash undercover and Silver Queen Corn

It is after starting a community garden plot that I wrote my A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook because I realized I needed to organize what I know about garden ecology.

What I try to prove with my blog is that we are nature and are in nature all the time. And that we don’t have to go far afield to observe and learn about the world we live in.

There is something about seeing food growing that gives humans a deep sense of calm, satisfaction and contentment. Enjoy!


Note: I use the Method by Mel Bartholomew for my vegetable/fruit garden.

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A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook is my book on creating your own gardening calendar which follows the rhythms of Mother Earth.


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