Naturalist News – Spring Newsletter 2013


Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) blooms in the spring. Photo by Donna L. Long.
Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) blooms in the spring. Photo by Donna L. Long.


Here in Philadelphia…

It been cold here in Philadelphia. We’ve had clear sunny days and surprise snow showers, but the Earth has turned to provide warmer days ahead.  But today is the vernal equinox and spring is here to stay.

This season’s Naturalist News has articles to read and phenomena to watch enjoy!

Articles on In Season about Spring

Nature in Spring: An Overview

Spring Starts from the Ground Up

The Spring Nature Journal

Spring Nature Journal Writing Prompts

Early Spring Butterflies
Magnolia virginiana L. 'Sweet Bay'

Nature Calendar

March 20th – Vernal Equinox, Spring Begins

March 27th – Full Moon, Worm Moon (Eastern American Indian Moon Names)

April 25th – Full Moon, Full Pink Moon

April 22nd – Earth Day

April 26th – Arbor Day

May 1st – May Day, Beltane (beginning of summer by Celtic Calendar)

May 25th – Full Moon, Full Flower Moon

June 21st – Summer Solstice

What to Observe Right Now

Full Nature Almanac: month by month

Nature in Spring: An Overview of the season.
Birds: Waterfowl migration peaks by mid-March; Early nesting species begin breeding; Great Horned Owl and Bald Eagles may already be nesting; A few raptors migrate early; keep your bird feeders out as food is scarce in spring and seeds won’t be ready until summer;
Flowers: In bloom – Skunk Cabbage
Trees: Tree buds swell, pollen released
Sky: Spring Equinox March 21st or @2nd)

Bird: Year-round resident birds begin nesting; Bird northward migration begins, early northward migration of shorebirds; fill hummingbird feeders by end of April; Waterfowl mostly moved northward;
Butterflies: Cabbage Whites in flight
Insects: In-flight – Bumblebees, Eastern Carpenter Bees,
Flowers: In bloom – Virginia Bluebells, Shadbush, Dogwoods, Rhododendrons, Violets, Columbines, Foamflowers, Bleeding Hearts
Invasive Species: In bloom – Garlic Mustard,
Sky: Lyrids meteor shower
Holidays – Earth Day (April 22nd); National Arbor Day

Birds; Peak of Spring northward migration of land birds, Great Dawn Chorus begins
Flowers: In bloom – Coral Bells, Sweetspire
Sky: Eta Aquarids meteor shower

Nature festival: Beltane – May 1st

Northern Robin
Northern Robin

News Around the Web

Florida Python Hunt Captures 68 Snakes

Oldest Known Wild Birds Hatches a Chick at 62

Report: America’s Wildlife Struggling to Keep Up with Changing Climate

We close with a video created in March 2012 of a nesting pair of Great Blue Herons flying into their nest. I like the close-up views of the birds and the sunrise colors of their beaks.

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