Nature Journal Prompt Looking Above

Blue sky with cumulus clouds
Blue sky with cumulus clouds. Photo by Donna L. Long.

For this week’s nature journal prompt, ‘above’ is the word.

Ever notice that in horror films, that danger is often above the characters (next victims)? They have to look up to save themselves.

Sometimes we forget to look up, to see the beauty above us, to predict the weather, to see birds telling us what is going on by what they are doing.

Above can refer to the stars, comets, and meteors that fill the night sky. I assembled a list of ideas for journaling to get the creative juices flows.


Nature Journal Prompts Looking Above

When I am stuck for prompts to journal about, I look in the six directions: east, west, north, south, above, below, and the center right where you are.

I think looking at what is right around you, helps with having gratitude and appreciation. Above could also mean:

  •  looking at circumpolar stars
  • watching bird migration
  • studying twigs in winter or buds
  • learning the names of cloud types (wikipedia)
  • And looking above can mean observing the buds on trees, shrubs, and collecting phenology data
  • counting the birds that fly overhead
  • identify bird by silhouettes
  • track the types of clouds that form the pattern of a storm
  • the pattern of bare tree branches against the sky
  • abandoned nests in the bare winter trees
  • recording the sequence that trees and shrubs flower (phenology)
  • documenting the sequence of trees changing color in fall
  • identifying tree leaves by shape like the common oak leaves
  • identify cones hanging form evergreen trees



Nature Journal Prompt Looking Above Photo Gallery

Here are some above photos I have taken when I remembered to look up.

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