Nature Journal Prompts Guide for Download

cover nature journal prompts guide

A Collection of the Best

I finally created a nature journal prompts guide from the hundreds of nature journal prompts tucked away in my website’s eighteen years of posts.

I gathered 37 pages of the best prompts and offer them in this pdf for immediate download.

nature journal 04 may 2008

Adaptable for Words, Art, or Photographs

Turn to any section and find questions and suggestions that can inspire you to create great journal entries or serve as the nudge you need to come up with your own ideas.

Sometimes I like to write, sometimes I like to photograph interesting stuff around me. These prompts can be used for whatever are your favorite modes of expression.

The adaptable prompts suggest ideas for writing words, taking photographs, making sketches, drawings or paintings.

The guide is illustrated with never-before-published images of some of my nature journal pages.

A Wide Range of Nature Journal Prompts

Prompts can inspire just one page or set a theme for an entire journal. Generate ideas focusing on:

  • Seasons
  • Places
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • And checklists make sure you don’t forget the details

Includes a special section on wrapping up the details that take your nature journal to the next level.

Natural Journal Prompts is a handy solution to curing the blank page blues.

a page from my nature journal
a page from my nature journal

For the Casual Journaler or Citizen Scientist

Nature journal prompts were included for both the person who likes to sketch or draw and the serious citizen scientist who wants a detailed journal useful for future information.

This guide compliments my other book, The Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal, not replace it.

Between these two titles, a nature journal keepers should have enough ideas to inspire them for a very long time to come.

A Big Thank You

Thanks to all the readers who kept me going all these years by reading, commenting, and sending me notes. Wado.

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