Nature Journal Writing Prompts

I have been publishing this blog since 2005. And I’ve written many posts on nature journal prompts. I’ve collected links to all the prompts posts below.

These nature journal writing prompts can be used as ideas for a few pages, a section or a whole notebook. These ideas can be used for a day, a month or many years. The topics can be used to inspire projects, essays, poems, drawings or taking photographs.

Basic Topics for Nature Journal Prompts

Nature Writing

Nature Journal Themes

Nature Writing

Pinterest Nature Journals

Create your own nature almanac

Trout Lilies Flowers in Bloom in Early Spring. Photo by Donna L. Long.
Trout Lilies Flowers in Bloom in Early Spring. Photo by Donna L. Long.

The Seasonal Journal

The Seasonal Nature Journal

Spring Nature Journal 

Spring Nature Journal Writing Prompts

Spring Birding and Nature Journal Prompts

Summer Nature Journal 

Autumn Nature Journal 

Autumn Nature Journal Writing Prompts

Winter Nature Journal

Winter Nature Journal Prompts

Winter Journal Writing Prompts

Keeping a Winter Nature Journal with Writing Prompts


children at a pond
people at wetlands

The Scientific Nature Journal

Citizen Science and Nature Journal Keeping

Grinnell Method for Nature Journals

Grinnell System Format

Grinnell Field Notebook

Grinnell System Field Journal

Species Account of Grinnell System

Use an observation checklist to answer basic questions


Places to Observe and Nature Journal

Natural Places in the Philadelphia Area

Place Prompts: Places to Observe in Your Nature Journal

Blog Category: Field Trips

Create a travel keepsake

Nature Photography Tips and Inspiration

Create a photo album.

Nature Photography for Beginners

Autumn Photography Ideas (Videos)

Winter Nature Photography Tips

My Photography

birds_Perergine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon (raptors)


Keep birdwatching records. Keeping a Life List or Birder’s Journal

Observe local animals and be inspired to research,  draw, photograph or write about them


Study plants: flowers, shrubs and trees

Keep phenology records

Keep garden records



Study the lifeways of your indigenous ancestors, your current culture or the local indigenous peoples.

Seasonal Rounds: Charting Living in Harmony with the Land

How to Create a Seasonal Round Part 2

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