Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

Nature Journal Writing Prompts

These nature journal writing prompts can be used as ideas for a few pages, a section or a whole notebook.

These ideas can be used for a day, a month or many years.

The topics can be used to inspire projects, essays, poems, drawings or taking photographs.


Use an observation checklist to answer basic questions

Chose a place

Choose a theme

Create your own nature almanac

Indulge your list-making desires

Do an activity and then write, where you went, what you did and what you learned

Take a walk and describe what you see

Observe local animals and be inspired to research,  draw, photograph or write about them

Study plants: flowers, shrubs and trees

Keep phenology records

Forecast the weather

Study the sky – stars, moon and sun

Keep a seasonal journal

  • for spring
  • for summer
  • for autumn
  • for winter

Keep birdwatching records

Keep garden records

Create a photo album

Create a travel keepsake

Study the lifeways of your indigenous ancestors, your current culture or the local indigenous peoples.

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