New Keeping a Nature Journal 3rd ed. by Clare Walker Leslie


Keeping a Nature Journal
Keeping a Nature Journal, 3rd ed. release on March 30, 2021

A new nature journaling book is coming out by Clare Walker Leslie. It’s an third edition of her classic Keeping a Nature Journal: Deepen Your Connection with the Natural World All Around You.

This third edition features more step-by-step drawing instructions, more journaling prompts, and a new selections of her nature journal pages.

The new book will be released on March 30, 2021. You can pre-order it from Amazon. If you use this link I receive a small commission which goes to help alleviate the cost of this blog.

I just had to let everyone who reads this blog and enjoys Ms. Leslie’s books about this new one.


  1. I had an earlier edition of her book long ago, and I’m delighted to see she’s releasing another. Such a lovely book. Thank you for this.

    • Hi, Lisa – You are more than welcome. I also have an earlier edition and will be buying this one.

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