Plants for a Sunny and Dry Garden

native sunflower in my garden
native sunflower in my garden

Sometimes there is a spot that is like its’ own mini-desert. The soil is thin and dry and the spot receives full sun all day. What is a native plant lover to do?

Plant the toughest customers you can find, that’s what.

Curl up with a good native plant book, like Native Plants of the Northeast by Donald Leopold, and research the plants listed to see if they will work in your site. Expect some failures, this is gardening after all.




Herbaceous plants – Perennials
Aquilegia canadensis – Wild Columbine
Asclepias tuberosa – Butterflyweed
Aster novae-angliae -New England Aster
Baptisia australis – False Indigo
Echinacea purpurea – Purple Coneflower
Eupatorium hyssopifolium – Hyssop-leaved boneset
Heuchera americana – Alumroot or Coral Bells
Liatris species – Blazing-star, Gayfeather
Monarda species – Beebalm, Monarda
Penstemon species – Beardtogue
Rudbeckia fulgida – Eastern Coneflower
Solidago species – Goldenrod
Yucca – Yucca filamentosa

Woody Plants – Trees and Shrubs
Bearberry – Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Hackberry – Celtis occidentalis
Eastern Rebud – Cercis canadensis
Bayberry – Myrica pensylvanica
Pasture Rose – Rosa carolina
Prickly Pear Cactus – Opuntia humifosa

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