Autumn in the Natural World (PDF)


Learn the the miraculous ways ponds, insects, turtles, etc. change their bodies to survive winter’s cold and freezing conditions. PDF, 8 ½”x11″, 69 pages.

Also available in paperback

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Ever wonder have frogs survive the cold? Or pond animals change their bodies breathe and live in cold water for months on end?

Autumn in the Natural World answers these questions and more about the changes you see and feel in the autumn season.

Table of Contents

  • The Autumn Season
  • Autumn Weather
  • Autumn Sky
  • Plants in Autumn
  • Animals in Autumn
  • Insects in Autumn
  • Water in Autumn
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Birds in Autumn
  • Humans in Autumn
  • Autumn Nature Journaling

 Excerpt from Autumn in the Natural World 

“Little plant growth takes place at soil temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). For plants to grow well the soil temperatures need to be between 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius) and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). Spring planted flowers take longer to mature than summer planted flowers. Spring planted flowers will take 60 to 90 days to mature. Summer planted flowers will take 45 to 60 days to mature. Late summer planted flowers (around July 1st) will take 90 and 120 days to bloom as the air temperatures cool. ” from Plants in Autumn chapter.

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