LoveNest Birdhouses with WiFi Video



LoveNest Birdhouse with WiFi camera
LoveNest Birdhouse with WiFi camera

LoveNest Birdhouses are handmade in the United States of America.

“The birdhouses are made of long-lasting, insect-repelling cedar with no harmful paints or stains, and they are built to last for many years. They come as fully assembled product, designed specifically for capturing all the activity inside and outside the birdhouse (the LoveNest comes in 1 and 2 camera versions).

The product features high quality, state-of-the-art electronics and easy-to-use software for viewing and recording the birds. The quality of the LoveNest experience is far superior compared with trying to add a stand-alone camera to a birdhouse not designed for the purpose.

The LoveNest also features the ability to have the birdhouse plugged in 24/7 to maintain year-round viewing without the need for inconvenient battery removal/charging.

That said, the birdhouse can operate on its own internal battery for extended periods of time depending on the amount of bird activity and the software settings used. We encourage people who are interested to visit our website and watch some of the videos posted there.” – Rob Carter Founder and Birdhouse Maker at LoveNest Birdhouses

Read our interview with Rob Carter of LoveNest Birdhouse – Birdhouses: Choosing, Maintaining, and Attracting the RIght Birds.

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