Nature Journal Prompts (pdf)



Banish the Blank Page

The “what-do-I-journal-about” dilemmas will fade away. Page after page of nature journal topic ideas and encouragement are at your fingertips. Here are solutions, no more excuses.

37 pages, 8×11″.



The Nature Journal Prompts guide contains hundreds of journaling ideas. Turn to any section and find questions and suggestions that can inspire you to create great journal entries or serve as the nudge you need to come up with your own ideas.

The adaptable prompts suggest ideas for writing words, taking photographs, making sketches, drawings or paintings.

You can create a beautiful and informative nature journal that you are proud to share with others and bring you joy each time you look at it.

Prompts Topics:

Prompts can inspire just one page or set a theme for an entire journal. Generate ideas focusing on:

  • Seasons
  • Places
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • And checklists make sure you don’t forget the details

Includes a special section on wrapping up the details that take your nature journal to the next level.

Examples of Nature Journal Prompts

  • What types of clouds proceed summer rain?
  • Can you tell a bee from a fly?
  • Can you identify juvenile birds?
  • Learn the winter constellations

Natural Journal Prompts is a handy solution to curing the blank page blues.

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