Zeiss Carl Victory FL Binoculars (8×32)

When landed my first professional librarian job after grad school, I started saving for my first pair of Zeiss binoculars. I still have them. And they are spectacular. I bought my second pair because the first pair were manufactured before close focusing became standard on high end binoculars.

When I let fellow birders look through my Zeiss binoculars, the first thing they say is, WOW! I keep a less expensive pair of binoculars in my car for emergency birding. But, when I go on field trips, the Zeiss go where I go.

They are expensive. But, you won’t need a another pair for the rest of your life. They are that good. Brace yourself for the price.

I wrote a post on what to consider when Choosing Binoculars for birding and nature study.

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zeiss_8x42 binoculars

Other sizes and optical strengths are available.

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