Basic Information on Philadelphia Nature

pond at Tinicum
pond at Tinicum

I have written posts on basic information on Philadelphia nature and natural places. I have gathered the links to the most popular pages on In Season here on this page.

Philadelphia is thought of a city of important buildings, artifacts and American history, but beneath all that is the land. It is Philadelphia’s land that made it such a desirable place to live for indigenous peoples and the European colonists. Located between two rivers, Philadelphia is a port city and a natural meeting and trading location. Philadelphia has one of the largest park systems in the world, consisting of 63 parks, with 9,200 acres. Half of the 9,200 acres are natural land. Philadelphia is in the process of creating more parks and walkways in the city. Many of these new parks are planted with local native plant species. The Tree Philly organization has planted over 15,000 trees in response to Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks goal to make sure each Philadelphia neighborhood has at least 30% tree canopy coverage. I am proud of my city, love the people, and want to share what is great about this land with my fellow Philadelphians and the visitors from all over the world who come to experience our history, Philly food and that ‘Philly vibe’.



Philadelphia Natural History: An Overview

Natural Places in the Philadelphia Area

Piedmont Plateau: The Gently Rolling Hills of Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Coastal Plain



List of Native Trees for Philadelphia

Native Street Trees for Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Early Spring Blooming Plants to Attract Bumble Bees

Spring Blooming Native Plants of Philadelphia

Spring Blooming Native Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds

Summer Blooming Native Plants in Philadelphia

Summer-into-Fall Blooming Native Plants for Philadelphia (pdf)


Birds of Philadelphia

Birds of Prey of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

Most Common Winter Birds in Philadelphia

Hawk Migration at Cape May State Park

Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam Close to Philadelphia


Insects of Philadelphia

Butterflies of Philadelphia: A Checklist

Moths of Philadelphia: A Checklist

Dragonflies of Philadelphia: A Checklist 

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