Scientific Nature Journal Workshop

Donna watching hawk migration on Hawk Mountain.
Donna watching hawk migration on Hawk Mountain.

The Scientific Nature Journal Workshop provides the easy-to-understand framework needed to help with the collection of data for climate monitoring, habitat restoration, reintroduction of expiated species, and other ecosystem management projects.

Image an amateur naturalist who wants to create a detailed plant survey of their locale. The data collected will be much more scientifically useful if certain information is recorded. It will be easy to find in notebooks if it is organized in a standard system. This workshop teaches the Grinnell Scientific Method,  a standard note-taking system.

The Grinnell Scientific Method is used by field biologists to create scientifically accurate and useful field notes. This method is useful for animal behavior, plant studies, and other field research disciplines.

Neither the workshop nor the method needs special equipment except for a pencil and paper (and perhaps a GPS tracker). It doesn’t use hard to understand scientific terms or require detailed scientific knowledge to use. It is a method that can be taught to naturalists of all ages.

Master Naturalists can use these techniques as they lead citizen science projects for children and adults in their local areas. It is a useful method to teach homeschoolers and scientifically-minded students. It can also be used by amateur naturalists, of any age, who want to create their own independent research study.

What you will learn:

  • How to record data that is scientifically accurate and useful.
  • How to design collection data forms for use by citizen scientists and amateur naturalists
  • How to choose and use a GPS tracking system to accurately records locations.
  • How to manage volunteers in citizen science projects.


This workshop can be tailored to different lengths and a wide range of ages and expertise.

Accompanying Book

Donna L. Long has written a book to accompany the workshop. It can be purchased by single copies or in bulk from the print distributor

cover_Grinnell Scientific Nature Journal


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About the Presenter

Donna L. Long is a naturalist, life-long gardener, and teacher of over twenty-eight years experience making complex topics easy-to-understand. She writes a popular blog,, focused on natural history, ecology, and native plants. She prefers to be outside tucking in a plant or spying on a sparrow than shopping or watching tv.

Donna holds Master’s degrees in Information and Library Management and Education. She is a certified Environmental Science Teacher and holds Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and Master Home Gardener certificates.

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