Secrets for Capturing Stunning Photographs of Birds


Photographing birds or animals requires patience and practice. With a few tips, we can improve our photos tremendously.

Melissa Groo, a phenomenal wildlife photographer, shared several simple tips and techniques that she uses to get her breathtaking photos.

I read an article from the NAPA (North American Nature Photography Association) blog interviews Ms. Groo about her techniques. I fund many ideas to improve my photos.

What Nature Photography Tips I Found Helpful

Common elements of a beautiful bird image:

  • soft light
  • graceful pose
  • pose or moment of emotion
  • eye-level perspective
  • sharp focus with an out of focus, uncluttered background
  • Photograph Birds in Public Places

Another Great Bird Photo Tip

Take photos in areas where birds are used to being around humans. These public places provide good opportunities for photos. Backyard, public parks, cemeteries, city and suburban streets are easy to access locations.

Ms. Groo said something I never heard before.

“What is just as important as the quality of light is that light’s relationship to the wind. Light and wind should be coming from the same direction.”

Read the original article for more tips.

Story and Photos by Melissa Groo Enjoy this Interview with Melissa Groo who will be judging NANPA’s View Bug photo contest- Birds Of A Feather Photo Contest- open now for submissions. Melissa is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, teacher, and speaker. She writes a regular column on wildlife photography for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and her photos have been published in […]

via Secrets for Capturing Stunning Photographs of Birds — NANPA | North American Nature Photography Association

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