Sentinels, Another funky nature photo

Funky Ferns, the Sentinels

I was just playing around with my photos and end up creating this eery portrait of Ostrich ferns in my garden. I call this photo ‘Sentinels’. It reminds me of some kind of beings that live in Space.

The fern on the right looks as if it has a helmet with a face covering. It’s looking right at me. Or it is speaking to the three other beings. Spooky.

This photo reminds me that everything we see and read in science fiction films and fiction, are based on what we know here on Earth. There are probably beings and forms we can’t even imagine out there – among the stars.

If they know of us, what must they think of us?

Sentinels of Earth

What of the sentinels here on Earth? A sentinel is a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. The beings whose job it is to stand and keep watch over the waters, the air, the health of the soil, I bet they shake their heads in despair. 


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This post was updated and expanded on 10 March 2022.


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