Spring Nature Journal Writing Prompts

a page from my nature journal
a page from my spring nature journal

Spring nature journal writing prompts can help fill your days with things to do, observe, and journal.

Spring is a time of high activity. So much is happening it can be overwhelming. I learned to be choosy. I like to decide early in the season what to focus on for nature study.

One year, I noticed the beauty of tree blossoms and began to photograph them. Next I decided to focus on cloud formations, patterns and predicting weather.

So, to help you choose what to study in your nature journal, I have divided the list into topics. These nature activities and spring journal writing prompts are suitable for a wide range of ages.


Spring Nature Journal Writing Prompts

About the Season of Spring

An overview of what is happening in Spring. Nature in Spring 

  1. Spring starts from the Ground Up 
  2. Create a seasonal round of cycle of the year.
  3. Seasons: Earth Natural Rhythms Explained

Weather and Ecosystems

  1. Is it really rainy? How many rainy days are there?
  2. If there is a vernal pond near you, record the changes and happenings there.
  3. If you travel out of your region, notice what is happening in places away from your home.
  4. Keep track of the lengthening days. What time does the sun rise and set?


  1. Draw or photograph the new buds on trees.
  2. Keep a nature calendar of blooming flowers. Learn about blooming sequences and phenology.
  3. How many wind pollinated trees are in your neighborhood?
  4. Draw the parts and structure of flowers.
  5. Study which flowers are like to attract which insects. See Pollinator Syndromes. Were you right?


  1. Keep an eye out for roadkills. Roadkills can tell you what animals share your home area with you.
  2. Keep a list and draw the first butterflies. When do they emerge? Study their life cycles using butterfly identification and natural history guides.
  3. What insects emerge first?
  4. Listen for the first chorus of frogs
  5. Learn the difference between a bee and a fly. Bee or Fly? 
  6. Learn the differences between bumblebees, honey bees, and other bees and wasps.
  7. Learn to Draw Insects, Head, Thorax, and Abdomen


  1. Keep track of which spring migrating birds arrive first.
  2. Listen for the start of bird song. Try to learn the songs of two or three species.
  3. Listen to the ‘Dawn Chorus‘ – when male birds sing at the top of their lungs.
  4. Take notice of the shrubs and trees where birds build their nests and establish territory.
  5. Watch birds has they go about their life cycle of migration, courtship and raising young.

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Look for Spring-Focused Citizen Science Projects at SciStarter.org

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  1. I really like how you wrote that there are so many things to journal, you had to become choosy.
    That’s really settles the mind when it knows what to seek & find. Thanks for your great instructions.


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