Stormy Night and Bare Trees

Yesterday, trees were brilliant with color. The day was overcast, with diffused light. The naturally soft light made the colors pop all the more.

clouds in autumn sky
clouds in autumn sky

But, last night we had wind and rain that blew the leaves from the trees and shrubs. The brilliant colors from yesterday are just about gone. Philadelphia receives the majority of our rain in spring and fall.  This makes it a good time to plant trees and shrubs.

The habitat restoration group I volunteer with, plants native trees and shrubs at this time of year. The volunteers spent the summer pulling up invasive alien plants. When the plants are in leaf it is easy identify and pull the invaders out.

bare autumn trees

I didn’t notice the twisted shapes of these trees in summer. The leaves hid the bowed trunks. It reminds me of humans who wear plants to hide bowed legs.

twisted bare trees
dried hydrangea blossom
dried hydrangea blossom

These blossoms are naturally dried flowers. I like the papery, translucent  leaves. The veins make patterns and interlocking lines, that are backlit by the late afternoon sun.

Autumn is truly beautiful. The world is truly beautiful.

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