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Welcome to my website, donnallong.com.

This website serves as the online presence of the writer, teacher, and gardener, Donna L. Long. Donna writes posts, pages, and other content published on this website and holds the copyright based on the United States of America and international laws. She makes this information available to the public without guarantees that you will receive the same results.

Downloading and Buying Products from this Website.

Downloadable digital products are made available in multiple formats through this website and third-party services. Donna L. Long is not responsible for any problems or issues associated with malfunctions of third-party services and their websites.

This website uses third-party purchasing platforms. All personal financial information is kept private by those trusted third-party services. Donna L. Long does not see or have access to any of a customer’s personal financial information.


Refunds and Returns of Digital Products

If a customer is unsatisfied with a free download of a digital product, feel free to keep the item. There is no need to return it.

If a customer is unsatisfied with a paid download of a product, please contact the website owner within in three (3) business days of the purchase. Contact the website owner through the contact page, located here.


Affiliate Links on this Website

Some published web pages and blog posts have affiliate links to third party product and services. A small commission is generated when visitors to this website, purchase items on the third party website. Donna L. Long does not assume responsibility for the functioning of items purchased from third-party sources.


Donna L. Long the owner of this website reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

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