The Asters Are in Full Bloom

Asters - 15

The Asters (Aster novae-angliae) are yet again proving just how great they are in the garden. These native perennials bloom from late summer straight through frosts.

Dozens of Asters are native to the northeast section of the United States. Many plant breeders are breeding new garden varieties all the time.

Asters - 07

This is one plant that has spread and must have over a hundred blooms. Asters are for sale all over in nurseries and in front of supermarkets.

Asters - 11
Aster novae-angliae, “Purple Dome”

Asters attract many pollinating insects including flies, bees, butterflies and skippers. Asters are butterfly host plants. Many butterfly larva (caterpillars) eat the foliage.


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