The fascinating (and tenacious) Paper Wasp

Paper Wasps building a nest on my porch ceiling.
Paper Wasps building a nest on my porch ceiling.

For most of June and July, I battled Paper Wasps (Polistes fuscatus) living on my front porch. They would build a nest, I would shoot water from a hose to knock the nest down.

It been several days and no sign of the Paper Wasps. I think they have moved on to a “friendlier” site. I continued to shoot the nest down because time was on my side. I figured they had to move on because time was running out to build a nest and produce young for the next season.

If the nest wasn’t on my front porch near my front door, I would have enjoyed watching their comings-and-goings from a safe distance.

Wasps can be very aggressive when their nesting site is disturbed. Unlike bees, they don’t lose their stingers when they sting. Wasps can repeatedly sting and inject venom.

For my trouble, I was rewarded with this great photo, I get to share with you.

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