The New Bird Drawing System (video) — John Muir Laws

For years I have taught the same system to quickly draw birds in the field. Over the last few months my approach has changed radically. I think I can now get you drawing better birds with fewer lines. 33 more words

via The New Bird Drawing System (video) — John Muir Laws 

John Muir Laws says he has found a better, easier way to draw birds. He said he realized that the way he taught and the way he actually drew were a bit different. The new technique is based on the way he “really” draws birds.

If you have his book, “The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds”, I think this new method is the one on page 8, called, “Angles”.

I watched most of the 1 1/2 hour long video and plan to watch the rest and practice the exercises. This is a good video to watch as Mr. Laws, essentially teaches a whole lesson on the new technique.

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