An Easier Way to Draw Birds (video) — John Muir Laws

bird drawing - John Muir Laws
Bird sketches by John Muir Laws

An Easier Way to Draw Birds

I have always struggled drawing birds. I bet it is because I don’t get the angles right. If there is an easier way to draw them, I am certainly giving it a try.

John Muir Laws says he has found a better, easier way to draw birds. He said he realized that the way he taught and the way he actually drew were a bit different. The new technique is based on the way he “really” draws birds.

For years I have taught the same system to quickly draw birds in the field. Over the last few months my approach has changed radically. I think I can now get you drawing better birds with fewer lines. -John Muir Laws 

If you have his book, The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, I think this new method is the one on page 8, called, “Angles”.

Watch the Video – “The New Bird Drawing System”

I watched most of the 1 1/2 hour long video and plan to watch the rest and practice the exercises. This is a good video to watch as Mr. Laws, essentially teaches a whole lesson on the new technique.

Use Photographs or Live Birds

You can draw birds as they hop and fly around outside. You can also use photographs. It’s best to use your own photographs because you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement. This maybe a concern if you post you nature journal pages or sketches online like I do.

I think I’ll need plenty of practice to improve my skills. Autumn and winter are good times to practice because there are fewer birds around. Also the trees are often bare without the abundance of leaves that hide the birds.

If it is cold outside, I can always sit at a window and draw as they visit my feeder.

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